We are always looking for dedicated individuals who are able and willing to support our mission. Below is a list of current volunteer and engagement opportunities, please click on an opportunity to learn more.

Volunteer and Engagement Opportunities

Youth Writer (Volunteer)

We are always continually looking for youth who would like to share written works that they have previously written, or works that they are looking to write for this site. Our goal is to give youth the space to openly express their voice and vision in the written form.

If you would like to learn more please connect with us. Otherwise, you may submit your writing here.

Youth Editor (Volunteer)

We are looking for youth who may not always want to write, or may not want to write for an online forum at all. You might be perfect for our Youth Editor position! This position gives youth, such as yourself, valuable skills and opportunity to peer-edit the work of your fellow youth. This valuable process allows us to ensure that the content on this site is of the highest quality while also ensuring that everything that is done is youth-focused, youth-centered, and youth-driven.

Are you interested in becoming a Youth Editor? Please connect with us.

Outreach Volunteer

The outreach volunteer is responsible for assisting us in the coordination of outreach materials, connection with communities, and engagement with youth-focused organizations. Our goal is to have a national reach with this platform. We hope to further engage with and support the work of youth writers across the country – and with your help will be able to do so!

Are you interested in becoming an Outreach Volunteer? Please connect with us.