Writing for youth, by youth.

The Pass the Mic Youth Literacy Program provides opportunities for youth to improve their literacy skills through small-scale literary magazine projects that highlight student art and writing. These magazines are digitally published on the Pass the Mic youth website, where the art and writings are shared with communities throughout the world.


Literacy begets peace. We train tomorrows leaders in literacy, the arts, and leadership skills to ensure peace for generations to come. Through our innovative “literacy lab” model, youth become better readers and community leaders, artists, authors and peace activists that will shape generations to come.


Pass the Mic Youth envisions a fully literate world united by peace. We train and inspire leaders and activists, and connect youth in communities near and far through art, writing and intercultural exchange, all in the name of a more peaceful world. Our vision is a world without our existence; a world led by a corps of fully literate, socially conscious, peace generating youth leaders.

Our Bi-Partisan Commitment

Pass the Mic Youth is not merely a non-profit organization, but a movement to connect the world and create peace through the power of literacy, youth art and writing. We believe that all youth, are connected through a shared humanity. Pass the Mic seeks to support all communities, regardless of political affiliation, and is dedicated to the literacy and leadership of all children.

Literacy as Community Development

Pass the Mic Youth is dedicated to child literacy as a tool for economic and community development. We serve a variety of different populations with a common mission and vision, to empower youth to serve as leaders in the local, national and international communities through equipping them with the necessary literacy skills to create inner peace, community peace, and world peace.